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1:Elisa  standard curve drawing

You can used Curve Expert 1.3 or Curve Expert 1.4,

open “Curve Expert 1.3”or “Curve Expert 1.4” ,the standard concentration as the “Y”, the OD value for the “X” .

Run curvefinder (ctrl+F)→OK→Gompertz Relation

2: What is  name of the contents of Chromogen solution A and Chromogen solution B of  kit

Chromogen solution A :H2O2 Chromogen solution B  :TMB(3,3′,5,5′-Tetramethylbenzidine)

3:The sample storage question?

 2-8 ℃ (48 hours),  – 20 ℃( one month)– 70℃ ( six months)